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EMP Shield for Laptop
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5 Things Every ZeroHedger Should Know About EMP
  • The situation, while dire TODAY, is improving. As long as we have the time, EMP will go from "the end" to a major disruption - but survivable. The NRC is beginning to realize how disruptive an EMP would be, and various security and defense agencies are seeing disruption of the power grid as a major threat.
  • EMP does NOT destroy all electronics. It can damage most, but there a few ways to reduce your vulnerability - use battery power and don't keep your electronics plugged in all the time - that cuts the time when you are vulnerable significantly.
  • Use wireless devices whenever possible instead of wired connections - wired connections can allow for EMP to build up and cause damage, but wireless connections are much less vulnerable.
  • The most likely case is for some electronics to be damaged or destroyed, but many to be reset. The question then becomes whether critical data is lost and whether you have data that is critical to protect.
  • Vehicles are relatively robust vs. EMP; the EMP Commission testing showed that a very small percentage of cars failed totally, and all those vehicles only failed when they were "in use" - in other words, most people's vehicles are safe for most of the day (at least at the levels tested).

    If you would like to find out how to get EMP protection for your electronics that has been tested using the same simulators and procedures used for Mil-Std-461, RS-105 testing, please click on the "Laptop EMP Shield" tab above.
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