January 14, 2014

At a lot of shows I attend, there are some questions I hear very often. I would like to set the record straight on a few points because the amount of information, both good and bad, in this field is huge.

EMP FAQ’s & Myths

Q: Do Faraday Cages need grounding? A: No. A...

January 4, 2014

Cost-effective EMP-Proof Faraday Cages

1. Use silver, copper, or stainless steel as your shielding material – minimum 80 openings per inch with a mesh material or higher. Better yet, a solid sheet.


2. Stainless steel garbage cans are an effective method of shielding....

January 2, 2014

5 Factors that Affect Damage from EMP

  • Are your electronics shielded in a specialized Faraday cage to reduce EMP energy? A proper EMP shield must be either solid metal or a fine mesh in order to block the small wavelengths of EMP energy.

  • If yes, are there a...

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