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Cell Phone Blocker Stops Signal
Cell Phone Blocker and Cell Phone Jammer
Cell Phone Blocker
Cell Phone Blocker ($55)
This blocker is designed for snipers and special operations forces who need to ensure cell phones can be carried but not tracked. It is the easiest to use, cuts signals emissions for cell phones better than all competitors on the market, lets you verify it is working, and doesn't drain / ruin the battery - a key failure in every competitor cell phone blocker we have tested. It has been even been tested against cell exploitation systems and prevents hacking. This lets you secure cell phones in the field reliably. You can also put phones in our blockers during classified briefings, instead of using mailboxes, or isolate captured digital devices. Finally, our product is the only divisible one - if need be, it can be separated into two bags that each can block signal - it is essentially twice the blocking ability of any other product, but costs the same. For larger orders, we can even make custom modifications - fitting inside marine dry bags or diplomatic security for low-visibility, etc.
Product Description
  • Only our blocker fully works. See video below or read an independent SurvivalBlog review.

  • Only total blocking stops phones from boosting signal strength (draining battery) to compensate for a weak signal through the bag. Our bag blocks totally - others don't.

  • Only our blocker doesn't kill your battery. Every recharge drops battery life. iPhones (with built-in batteries) will die much faster over time using competitor bags.

  • Stops signal ANYWHERE if properly used.
  • Combine with 1-way pagers to be reachable, but still control when you can be tracked.
  • 2-bag set stops GPS, 4G, Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID, and prevents cell signal.
  • Vents heat and has viewscreen to let you check status.
  • Only blocker design tested for EMP (Mil-Std 461, RS-105) - both layers EMP proof!
  • Fits regular phones. Inner bag ~ 7.25"L  X  4.25"W.
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  • 2 shielding layers  (vs. 1 for competitors).

  • Magnetic seals (vs. weak Velcro/Ziploc for competitors).

  • Designed for cell phones - not AM/FM, handheld radio, etc.

  • Keeping bag upright boosts blocking 15 dBm at < 50 ft to a tower.

  • Government procurement officers - we are SAM-registered, small business, and take GPC.

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