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Cell Phone Blocker
Cell Phone Blocker ($55)


  • Blocks cell phone signals reliably - Blocks cell tracking / hacking 100%.

  • Only our blocker fully works. Read an independent SurvivalBlog review.

  • Only our bag blocks totally - others don't. Total blocking stops phones from boosting signal strength (draining battery) to compensate for a weak signal through the bag.

  • Only our blocker doesn't kill your battery. Every recharge drops battery life. iPhones (with built-in batteries) will die much faster over time. You can get our premium blocker for $55, or a cheaper $13 or $44 blocker and a very expensive new iPhone. Which is cheaper?

  • Combine with 1-way pager to be reachable, but still control when you can be tracked.
  • Blocks WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID (does not block magnetics).

  • Only product that works even near a cell tower (50 ft) - as shown in the video below.

    Click to See the Industry's Dirty Secret - Most Blockers Don't Work!
    (You'll NEVER see competitors show the video below - their products fail!)

Cell Phone Blocker
Cell Phone Blocker Blocks Signal


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You may also request a quote for custom shielding

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