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EMP Shield for Laptop
EMP Shield for Laptop with Charger.jpg

Proprietary Testing - Marx Generator Proof of Concept

Cell Phone Blocker
Laptop EMP Shield ($99)
  • Prevent strategic/ tactical surprise by EMP.
  • Believing an EMP will not occur equals believing every US enemy cannot think of using EMP even though some have tested EMP strike capability already.
  • This method hardens any electronics (such as captured ones) without adding weight.
  • Lets heavier gear be plastics-framed, but still have EMP shielding - reducing net weight.
  • Our product is a low-cost, full solution. Use a solar panel to charge devices in an EMP.


Watch Our RS-105 Testing


Product Description
  • Protect your devices from EMP even when in use. Other “EMP bags” (which aren’t RS-105 tested) don’t allow use. If your devices aren’t in use, they’re off, and off devices don’t need protection!

  • Add a solar charger battery to recharge it sustainably for a complete EMP solution.

  • This is the only EMP shield of its type tested to Mil-Std-461’s RS-105 (>3.5X mil-spec of 50kV/m) – close to max known EMP strengths of 200 kV/m as described by foreign militaries.

  • Add throwaway wireless mouse/keyboard for normal use.

  • Vents waste heat to allow use.

  • Magnetic seals don’t degrade like Velcro.

  • Oversized to fit USB's - laptop must be under 21" by 19" (include thickness too).

  • No physical outside connections can be used at this time.

  • Military solutions such as ruggedized laptops cost $10-15K each. For the same price, we can shield 100 laptops against EMP.

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