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EMP Shield for Laptop
EMP Shield for Laptop with Charger.jpg

Proprietary Testing - Marx Generator Proof of Concept

Cell Phone Blocker
Laptop EMP Shield ($99)
  • This patented Faraday cage (US # 9,113,550) is the only realistic solution for protecting your electronics from an electromagnetic pulse attack - for example, from North Korea.
  • This is the only Faraday cage tested to the RIGHT military standard (Mil-Std-461, RS-105) (Fake product competitors use "military standards" for static bags or packaging, which have nothing to do with EMP, specifically to confuse you).
  • Still allows device WiFi while blocking EMP.
  • Our product is a full solution. Can use a solar panel as seen on the left to charge devices even during an EMP.


Watch Our RS-105 Testing


Please note - our testing videos (admittedly not of high quality) are shared because they are real. Competitors can't share videos with directional EMP simulators because their products aren't real or tested against EMP.

Product Description
  • Protect your devices from EMP even when in use. Competitor “EMP bags” are useless because they could only protect your devices IF they're off (and if they're off, you probably don't any shielding at all).

  • Add a solar charger battery to recharge it sustainably for a complete EMP solution.

  • ONLY EMP shield of its type tested to Mil-Std-461’s RS-105 (tested at over >3.5X mil-spec of 50kV/m – close to max known EMP strengths of 200 kV/m).

  • Add throwaway wireless mouse/keyboard for normal use.

  • Vents waste heat to allow use.

  • Our magnetic seals don’t degrade like Velcro.

  • Oversized to fit USB's - laptop must be under 21" by 19" (include thickness too).

  • No physical outside connections can be used at this time.

  • Full Money Back Guarantee and Free Shipping

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