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5 Factors that Affect Damage from EMP

5 Factors that Affect Damage from EMP

  • Are your electronics shielded in a specialized Faraday cage to reduce EMP energy? A proper EMP shield must be either solid metal or a fine mesh in order to block the small wavelengths of EMP energy.

  • If yes, are there any gaps in the shielding? Gaps can let energy flow in; they must be conductively sealed.

  • Are your electronics sophisticated or simple? Our tests show that simple devices like timers or watches are more vulnerable. Complicated electronics are generally better shielded and are more likely to survive.

  • Are your electronics on or off at the moment of impact? Electronics that are off on average are more likely to survive. This is one of the biggest factors.

  • Are there any antennas or cables attached to your computer? EMP energy can most easily enter through power lines and connected USB ports. This is a major factor.

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