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How to Choose Products that actually Block EMF

I was recently reviewing a number of products on Amazon, now that sales are climbing there - and I realized..."WOW - there's so much scamming going on!" The first set of products that I saw were the $5-18 cell phone blockers. At first glance - they seemed good. Then I read a few reviews - and they said "these drain the battery fast." That's a huge red light! The phone's batteries shouldn't drain fast if the product really works - ideally, the phone should occasionally attempt a signal, fail, and then stop trying. A battery drain implies continuous search by the phone, implying signal reception on some level - perhaps a weak signal, but one nonetheless. Ok - so the cheap blockers are out. Next up, we have the electromagnetic frequency neutralizers. Wow. Word's can't express the disgust I feel - it's sickening. This "product" is a pure scam preying on people desperate for relief from EMF - people exactly like me. It's little dots of magnets to be stuck onto things that somehow "harmonize the disharmonic frequencies to make them natural" again. I don't even know what that MEANS - because it doesn't make any sense. What utter trash - any electrial engineer or radio frequency engineer would see through it, but this is selling as if it were a real product, with the company probably trying to pump up its reviews using shill accounts! Finally, we have the serious competitors. These are the products that have professional looks, detailed descriptions that actually describe them accurately, and even some videos of their products working. They DO work - most of the time - but there's a reason they never show their tests at a cell phone tower, which, if you're trying to block cell phone signals, you would expect them to try to do. Let's just say that anything in the 40+decibel range would not work anywhere near towers. Recap: 1) Cheap products can work - but if the phone drains, it means that it's getting some signal - so it doesn't actually work. 2) EMF Neutralizers that try to baffle with bull**** and say stuff you can't research and make claims that can't be backed up - bad. 3) Competitor products - see if they offer videos near a cell tower, if they claim to block cell signals. If they do, check the timing of the video - is it an "off-peak" time for cell towers? If yes - consider it, and compare with other products. Any thoughts? Post below!

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