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EMF Scam Products

I took an even closer look at some of the EMF products out there - some of the claims are ridiculously funny! Paraphrased: "Doubles battery life, cuts EMF by 97.19%" - a sticker you put to the back of a battery. Too bad the batteries companies never thought of it - they could put on 3 stickers and the batteries on a cell phone could last you all week, right? I can't believe this was actually available. What a scam. Magnetic pendants that stop EMF - if the pendant surrounded and enclosed the phone entirely, it MIGHT work - but since the pendant is like 1/10 the size of the phone, it will never happen. "EMF Neutralizers" that "don't block, but neutralize and harmonize disharmonic frequencies to be aligned naturally with the earth" - THIS WAS MY FAVORITE SCAM! Whoever thought of this was a marketing genius. He should also be locked up in prison. Do you have a favorite scam product making ridiculous claims? Please write them in the comments below!

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