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PLA Preparing Vs. Cell Phone Hacking – Are YOU Ready?

The largest Chinese-language newspaper in the US, the World Journal, reported on November 5th about what the People’s Liberation Army views as a military threat - cell phone hacking. A translation of the relevant section follows:

“Spyware on Cell Phones May Reveal Locations. New surveillance methods are changing the face of information warfare. High ranking officers in the PLA have already realized the change in IW. On the morning of April 10, 2012, in the integrated operations command room of a detachment from the East Sea Fleet, a military simulation exercise was being carried out between opposing red and blue team. With victory in sight, the exercise judges suddenly announced that the “Red Army” had lost.

The People’s Liberation Army Daily disclosed the truth on May 17 of the same year. In the "Red Army" command post, a staff member carried a smartphone into the command room. An inspection team, which had already been eyeing the phone, quietly ordered the Blue team to lock on that phone. Using their technical skills, the Blue team accurately tracked the positioning of this phone. The precision lock on the "Red Army" HQ [through the cell phone] allowed a simulated "missile strike" to completely paralyze the "Red Army”.

Source: The World Journal, Nov 5, 2014.

Cell phone blockers to isolate mobile devices are NOT optional. Cell phones are here to stay – they are simply too useful not to have. The above article then describes the challenges the PLA faces in keeping cell phones away from recruits. However, banning cell phones is a major challenge and unnecessary if they can be totally secured with Faraday isolation bags.

Cell phone blockers guarantee phones cannot transmit their location but still allow usage when they exit a secured location. Thus far, the US Army has faced less technically sophisticated groups in the Middle East who cannot use cell phone triangulation. Against any sophisticated adversary, cell hacking will be fully exploited. The “Red Army” commander was humiliated in an exercise. In the real world, the same vulnerability could be a literal game-ender, leading to military disaster. Solving this issue requires cell phone blockers and sound security policies.

The RF Guardian cell phone blocker set by MobileSec is the best cell phone blocker available. It consistently blocks cell signal even at the base of a cell tower. (By comparison, competitor products might block signal over 50-100 feet from a tower, sometimes, if a cell tower is overloaded with calls). This blocker attenuates GPS, 4G, Bluetooth, WiFi, and RFID. It is easy to use, lets you view your phone display, vents electronics heat, and can be used as 2 separate EMP (electromagnetic pulse) bags. It is the only blocker tested to Mil-Std 461, RS-105. It is available for only $55.

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