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Cell Phone Blocker

In 2012, we saw the need for low-cost electromagnetic pulse shielding as threats from North Korea and other actors started to emerge. We want to help Americans mitigate the effects of EMP and save lives. MobileSec, founded in 2013, is the sole provider of a patented, low-cost, functional EMP-shielding design - the only commercially available, US-assembled shield design tested to Mil-Std-461 RS-105, compared to $10-100K Faraday cages that degrade, OR near-fraudulent $30 static bags that never have and never will meet US Government EMP standards.

Our other product line, the RF-Guardian cell phone blocker kits, are the most advanced blockers available. They prevent cell phone communications, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSP, and location tracking  even next to cell towers, which most others cannot claim.

Our product can be tailor-made towards any application as  required - for example, use of DFARS material and US contract sewing, conductive sewing thread, conductive binding tape, etc. We can also custom-design and manufacture to sizes ranging from a cell phone blocker to add-on room-size shielding.All product designs meet a minimum of Mil-Std-461, RS-105.


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