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Advanced Faraday Caging

We have made custom shielding for the US military in various configurations along with solid past performance.  Email or call us to discuss your specific needs and get a quote.Call 8AM-6PM PST daily for a quote - open weekends - (646) 265 1893.

Our premium patented (US 9,113,550) shielding technology lets you:
1) boost electronic device shielding to Mil-Std-461, RS-105 levels
2) vent heat from the shield while using electronics inside - a feature competitors can't match
3) save money compared to room-size Faraday cages costing thousands

Advantages vs. Competitors:
1) Our product is the lowest-cost product that actually stops EMP and has a design tested with EMP simulators to a correct military standard (Mil-Std-461, RS-105). Our magnetic seals beat velcro, Ziploc, or gasket seals - this is important because the seal is a major entry pathway for EMP E1 energy. 


2) Our product allows cost reduction vs. military grade, EMP-hardened laptops costing $15,000. For the first time, you can now buy a COTS laptop for $800 and achieve military-grade EMP shielding with our shielding, while still being able to use your electronics. You can add solar-powered battery packs so your computers can be in use AND fully protected at the moment of an EMP strike.

Other Uses
1) Radio frequency blocking for anti-tracking, anti-hacking, RFID theft prevention, EMF sensitivity (this is a common usage of our products although not recommended by us). For more information, please see the "cell phone blocker."

2) Closed-cabinet EMP-shielded server racks currently costing $12,000-$18,000 can be built with our shielding using an open-frame construction (cutting cooling costs almost in half, as heat is directly vented into a room instead of using 2 layers of A/C - one for the cabinet and one for the room), for $3,000.

3) Generators can meet Mil-Std-461, RS-105 cheaply and be fully operational (while venting fumes through the shield).

4) Our solution can even be used in aviation to shield vulnerable components while enabling fly-by-wire.

Finally, our cell phone blocker application is a commercial model designed to prevent tracking and hacking of cell phones. Combined with a one-way pager, this allows users to know when somebody is reaching out, but control when their own signal goes out.

Call 8AM-6PM PST daily for a quote - open weekends - (646) 265 1893.

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