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EMP Shield for Laptop
EMP Shield for Laptop with Charger.jpg
Laptop EMP Shield ($119)
  • Call for free 10-Min EMP Consultation - 8AM-9PM PST daily - open weekends - (646) 265 1893
  • You may also request a quote for custom shielding
  • ONLY patented small solution (US No. 9,113,550) tested to Mil-Std-461, RS-105 (shown below) for stopping 60-80 dB (depending on frequency) of EMP
  • Protects your electronics, lets you type through the shield, vent heat, and use a solar panel to charge devices before, during, and after an EMP - giving all the benefits of a $10,000-$100,000 product for $99.
  • Read an independent SurvivalBlog review of our product
Testing and RS-105 Simulator Below



*Note - Simulator uses directional pulse.

Why Our Product is the Best
  • We are the lowest cost product that actually works - it has a design tested to the RIGHT military standards (Mil-Std-461 (RS-105)). ONLY Mil-Std-188-125, Mil-Std 461 (RS-105), or Mil-Std-2169 are for EMP. All other listed "military standards" are unrelated to EMP.

  • Our metal-to-metal magnetic seals don’t fail like Velcro or cheap Zip-loc seals do. This is part of our patent - no other competitors offer similar products. The shielding is only as good as its weakest point (usually the seal) which requires metal-to-metal contact, and ideally the seal is over 1 inch wide. Competitors with Zip-loc seals, which usually are 3 mm or so wide, cannot compete. Because our seals are magnetic, they don't suffer from "gasket compression" like expensive solutions do (they require a rebuild every few years too).

  • We have video documentation of our testing - we stand by our product, unlike others. Cheaper $25 "solutions" never show you videos because they either haven't tested them against EMP simulators or they aren't good enough - virtually any shielding material can shield a few decibels, but only ours gets you to the 60 dB you actually need for EMP and lets you still use your devices.


  • Protect your devices from EMP even when in use. Other EMP bags don’t allow you to use the electronics inside because they cannot vent heat and you can't touch through them (for the most part). If your devices aren’t in use, they’re off, and off devices don’t need protection.


Additional Benefits

  • Add a solar charger battery to recharge it sustainably for a complete EMP solution.

  • Only EMP shield of its type tested to Mil-Std-461’s RS-105 (>3.5X mil-spec of 50kV/m) – close to max known EMP strengths of 200 kV/m as described by foreign militaries.

  • Add throwaway wireless mouse/keyboard for normal use.

  • Doesn't allow touchscreen or outside physical connections.

  • Vents waste heat to allow use.

  • Oversized to fit USB's - laptop must be under 21" by 19" (include thickness too).




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