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Cheap EMP Shielding
Our goal is to help everyone get EMP-ready. The cheapest way is aluminum foil. Wrap items in plastic bags / cardboard, then foil. Seal the foil with no gaps. Avoid static bags sold on Amazon - they cost more and perform worse. The catch: foil is easy to tear. And you can't use your device in the foil like you can with our product.

Compare: Often-Seen "EMP" Standards


Competitors cite ESD (electrostatic discharge - not EMP) - we believe, to confuse you. They also use weak velco-foldovers or Ziploc seals, NOT our proprietary 1" full-contact magnetic seals. They also don't vent heat - you can overheat devices with competitors.

Independent EMP Resources: - This free site tells you everything about EMP that you would need. - Link to Navy MIL-STD-461- RS-105 EMP standard - Mil-Std-188-125 for the nuclear forces.

The Cell Phone Test
People often write "X product passed / did not pass the cell phone test." The test "works" if you know where to conduct it. ANY blockers "work" if you are far (>0.5 miles) from a cell tower. Competitors may not work close to a tower - but ours does. Our cell phone blocker should cut all signal. But our EMP shield will not - it stops EMP damage but allow signals in/out.

The AM/FM Radio Test

Others use an AM/FM radio to test. Our shielding attenuates FM, not AM - fine for small devices. In the AM band, EMP needs power lines to build up on. Devices shielded and unconnected to the outside will be fine.

Why Does Ventilation Matter?

Cost. The highest-end EMP shields are airtight metal rooms, which need A/C & power for occupants to survive. To have A/C, large power generation is needed. Our solution is scaled down to shielding devices, and is just enough to stop EMP damage (not total signal elimination). So we can vent the heat directly without A/C or power generation - saving you 99%+ vs. the shielded rooms that start at $10,000-$100,000. (And if a single hair gets stuck in the door, the effectiveness of those rooms can drop to our level).

Our product is the most cost-effective trade off - you lose Mil-Std-188-125 level military shielding to gain portability and low cost while retaining shielding at a Mil-Std-461 RS-105 level. And when an EMP happens, you don't want to be spending precious fuel on A/C for a metal room.


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