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EMP Shield for Laptop
Cell Phone Blocker
 Large EMP Bag ($55)
  • One of our most popular products. Low cost and easy usage.
  • Read the independent SurvivalBlog review of our product (different variant, same shielding)
Product Description
  • Everything that applies to our "Laptop EMP Shield" applies to this device - the only difference is size and lesser ability to see through the shield.

  • Protect your devices from EMP even when in use. Other EMP bags (which aren’t RS-105 tested) don’t allow use. If your devices aren’t in use, they’re off, and off devices don’t need protection.

  • Fits iPad with some room to spare.

  • Please note - this is smaller than the "Laptop EMP Shield"

  • Add a solar charger battery to recharge it sustainably for a complete EMP solution.

  • Doesn't allow touchscreen or outside physical connections.

  • Magnetic seals don’t degrade like Velcro

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