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Cell Phone Blocker Stops Signal
Cell Phone Blocker and Cell Phone Jammer
Cell Phone Blocker ($68)
Quick Features
  • Stops tracking / hacking even < 100' from cell tower

  • Combine with 1-way pager service (sold separately) to be reachable, and control tracking.
  • Protect your bank card / cell phone data. Even phone exploit firms cannot establish a connection to our phones.
  • 2-bag set stops GPS, 4G, Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID, and prevents cell signal.
  • Lessens EMF and cell phone radiation - see our FAQ.
  • Perfect for forensics evidence collection, cybersecurity, and privacy protection.
  • Vents heat and has viewscreen to let you check status.
  • Only blocker design tested for EMP (Mil-Std 461, RS-105) - both layers EMP proof.
  • Fits regular phones. Inner bag ~ 7.25"L  X  4.25"W.
  • Watch our head-to-head video below or read an independent SurvivalBlog review.

Why MobileSec?
  • 2x value. Our two-bag set  lets you separate and use each bag independently to stop signal. If you need more blocking, use both together. When you drive past a cell tower on the highway, for example, it can often penetrate one bag. Don't be tricked by competitor claims of multiple layers etc, implying they have better blocking - this is marketing deception. You must ask how many bags, not layers, their product consists of - each bag provides its own set level of blocking. A bag with ten layers and a weak seal performs the same as 1 weak layer, because RF escapes through the weakest point - the seal. We use two separate bags, each with their own strong magnetic seals, not weak Velcro seals as our competitors do, to give better blocking.

  • Only our blocker doesn't kill your battery. Anything less than total blocking forces the phone into high-power search mode and drains your battery. One iPhone 4S with a faint cell signal drained 50% in < 1 hour, while the same phone drained only 20% over 20 hours with our blocker. Other blockers can deplete your battery and potentially cut your phone's service life over time. You can either get our $55 premium blocker that actually works, or a cheaper $13 or $44 blocker - forcing you to get a new iPhone sooner.

  • See your device in our bag. You can verify that the signal is blocked. For this functionality, every other competitor charges more. We don't need to.

  • Free shipping. There are no hidden prices with us - what you see is what you get. $55.

  • Money back guarantee. At MobileSec, customer satisfaction is the foundation of good business. You have a guarantee from us - as long as the bag returned is in good condition, we will honor it, whether it is 1 month or 1 year from now.

  • View instructions for the bags here

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