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Cell Phone Blocker Stops Signal
Cell Phone Blocker and Cell Phone Jammer
Cell Phone Blocker
Cell Phone Blocker FAQ's

How effective is your blocker? Why should I buy it?
It's the best. Our blocker works at cell towers - no other products do! There is only one set of conditions under which it could not work - if you are at a cell tower (under 50 ft), during cell tower off-peak hours (to maximize signal reception as fewer people are using the tower), with a phone with an external antenna (iPhone or HTC), and you lay the bag flat - you can get a weak signal. BUT - if you orient the phone vertically (hold it up), the antenna doesn't align with the cell tower, providing an effective 15 dBm more of signal reduction - which means that our blocker really works EVERYWHERE. Our competitors use 1 blocking layer instead of 2 like ours - don't be fooled by "quad layer" marketing gimmicks - they can't match our blocking ability, and their products are potentially more expensive. This blocker is the best - and it's only $55.

I bought a competitor blocker - it causes battery drain. Does yours?
No, our blocker does not drain battery because it attenuates enough signal. Competitor product attenuation is too low - phones only use high-power search mode and drain battery when they receive signals. Our testing with an iPhone has showed that it drained only 20% of its battery over 20 hours when inside our bag. The same phone drained 50% in under an hour when we forced it into a constant search mode by constantly exposing it to a cell tower nearby.

How does your blocker stop EMF / Cell Phone Radiation?

The metal mesh blocks frequencies the phones emit. Note - it does not block ALL frequencies, only the mHz to gHz range, which includes the cell spectrum. Properly speaking, it attenuates signals near cell phone frequencies by 60-80 dB. In the low kilohertz to megahertz range, the attenuation is smaller.

Do EMF Pendants, Magnets, Bracelets, etc Work?
No. Any product claiming EMF blocking must be solid metal or metal laced and fully contain a device to be remotely possible. Anti-EMF magnets and pendants ARE SCAMS. Imagine if somebody told you that putting a magnet on a lamp would purify all the light going out the other side without needing the light to pass through it - same concept. Hopefully, you would not believe them, and definitely, do not waste your money!







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